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Cisco ISE EAP Auth

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I'm currently running a POC using Merkai Cloud with Cisco AP's to setup a small WIFI environment.

The Merkai Cloud can see and connect to our OnPerm Cisco AP's - All great..

The major problem I'm having is when I try and get Cisco ISE to handle the EAP Authentication.. 

My plan was to generate a Windows Cert from our CA Server and then import it into Cisco ISE and allow it to do the EAP Authentication part.. This part has been a nightmare.

Is there a better way / more easy to get the EAP Auth working? Could i use the Default self-signed server certificate from Cisco ISE in some way for Domain Laptops to Auth with?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi joelbev1  ,

Based on your scenario you need support on Merake integration with Cisco ISE .You can refer the below link

Regarding your question, using the default self-signed server certificate from Cisco ISE for Domain Laptops to authenticate is possible. However, it's essential to consider security implications when using self-signed certificates. Self-signed certificates may not be trusted by all devices and can potentially lead to security warnings for users.

A more recommended approach would be to obtain a valid certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) and import it into Cisco ISE for EAP Authentication. This ensures that the certificate is trusted by all devices, reducing the risk of security warnings and improving the overall security of the authentication process.

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Thanks ,

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