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Cisco Prime Infrastructure Client and User Data to Syslog

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Level 1

Hey All,


I have a question that i'm hoping someone will know the answer to. Below is a screen shot of the Clients and Users tab in Cisco Prime. 

Currently we have a 7 day retention period for disassociate clients and a 32 day on associated clients. I would like this data sent to our Splunk deployment so that i don't have to up the retention period on Prime but can still retain this client data for a longer period of time.

Specifically we would like to retain MAC/ IP/ AP IP / Location at a site where the user was connected.  IF there is more data that is fine as well but in particular would like those things. 


Is there a way to do this?


Clients and Users - Prime 3.1Clients and Users - Prime 3.1

If this is not possible is there a Syslog level that I can set specifically on the WLC's that they can send those data points to Splunk?


Thank you,


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Maybe you can make use of PI's database query page 


and start with something such as SELECT * FROM SYSLOG;