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Cisco Prime Report for Antenna Name


Can someone point me to where I can extract a report which lists the external antenna type/name? We are looking at upgrading our Wireless AP's and need to know whether we can re-use our existing Antennas.






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Ric Beeching
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As far as I know the APs don't know what antennas is connected to them as they are layer 1/physical devices only so the only way to extrapolate that information would be to see what gain is configured on each AP and then use that information to determine the likelihood of it being x antenna or y antenna, assuming you consistently deployed a few different types. E.G on a 3702E if set to 12 * 0.5 dBi gain under the radios it is a 6 dBi antenna and is likely to be a 2566 antenna if using all available ports. Not a very easy way to work things out I'm afraid!





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Thanks Ric, sounds very convoluted, especially since the information I require can be located under Monitor>wireless technologies>Access Point Radios (edit view). I just can't see anyway of extracting it without copying and pasting 25 pages of info.

Any ideas?

Hi Phil,


That is a good alternative way however again I think that information is only as accurate as whether it was filled in correctly at the time... I could be wrong but I'm fairly sure the WLC/AP or CPI have no idea what the actual antenna is, they just list compatible ones that could be installed with that model. For example, I know I have some APs deployed with 2566 antennas but they are showing up in CPI as 2524 because I haven't specified their antenna properly in CPI.






I cannot find a report that contains that information either, sorry!. You can edit the overarching view (I think you already did this?) to show Antenna Type and Name then order it to show External Antennas first but again that assumes it was accurately input upon install..









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I was searching for the same thing and found this post. I realize it is old but I did find an option to get antenna information from Prime. I'm posting it for future travelers looking for the same thing.


I couldn't find a report that includes antenna information but I did discover that it can easily be retrieved with a simple API call.


You have to have a local account in Prime with access to the "NBI Read" group. There are Cisco DevNet instructions for configuring that here: - Select "Tutorials."


Then, all you have to do is run a cURL command. cURL (or just curl) is a command line utility. I'm pretty sure it comes standard in linux and macos. Curl is also available for Windows if you look around. Otherwise, you can install Postman. It is a free gui app that does API calls.


The curl command is:

curl -k "https://<username>:<password>@<prime server>/webacs/api/v1/data/RadioDetails?.full=true"


The Prime API defaults to a maximum of 100 results. You can change that by adding &maxResults=250" at the end (or any number). The tutorial goes over paging, filtering and sorting as well.


With APIs you can do more than query for information. For example, you can add or delete access points. If you can write scripts, you can do just about anything. There are lots of examples in DevNet and at github.


Have fun



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