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The title pretty says it all. I have the layer 3 webauth enabled on a Cisco WLC 2504 WLAN with a self-signed SSL cert. I installed the root CA cert in the Android phone under Settings > Biometrics and security > Other security settings > Install from...

Hi, I need to configure an SSID which will use 802.1x authentication for ipods corporate network.Is there an option in cisco Wireless environment to use 802.1x authentication without the use of RADIUS servers? 

Dear all,I want to install Cisco 2702i inside a Coffee Shop. the owner asked me to do this service once the customer take their dine in order. Furthermore, she needs also Time Limit, say for example 1 hour usage after that it is disconnected from the...

Hello everyone, I want to run Office extend with 1815T. I see in the logs on the controller that CAPWAP Control Msg Received from x.x.x.x but DTLS connection 0xa443cb8 closed by controller *spamApTask5: Jul 23 11:56:45.306: CAPWAP DTLS connection clo...

Hey all,I would like to ask you something about a wifi design and it would be nice to get some helpful explanations.There is a wlc in our headquarter. Additionally, in our branch offices are AP's that connect to the wlc in the HQ.There is a wifi ssid...

In the WLC GUI, Monitor, Client, Detail (click on the client), Client statistics, RRSI What RSSI is here exactly shown ? Is it the RSSI of the client measured by the AP ? Is it the RSSI that is measured by the client and communicated to the AP ? Or s...

We current bought a 3504 WLC. We need to license it for 8 APs. We also wanted a support contract for the WLC. Please provide correct license SKU to buy. We think this is what we need: Cisco LIC-CT3504-1A        8 QTY Cisco CON-SNT-AIRCTRTK   1 QTY

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