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Cisco Wireless Option 43

Jim Kerr


We currently have an environment using Cisco 2702i access points and are now also wanting to start using Cisco 2802i access points. We already use option43 on our DHCP server using the event class for the 2702i AP's to ensure they can reach our centralised WLC.

Please can you advise if we can have a mixed deployment of AP's (ie 2702i and 2802i) using the same DHCP scope ? I know we'd need to add a second event class on the DHCP for the new model of AP but i'm not sure if this is possible or if it will work.

Does anyone have any ideas and useful links ?



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 - I am not sure what you mean by a second event class. Option 43 should remain in place, also for the new models, if you have enough addresses available in the existing dhcp pool, you should have no problem.


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On the Windows server against the existing access point DHCP scope there is an event class relating to Option43. The event class specifies the series model of access point used. Currently we have the event class set to the Cisco 2700 series AP model.

I'm now not sure if by adding another vendor class specifying the 2800 series AP model whether this is possible or whether it will work?

Leo Laohoo
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The Vendor ID is only useful if, for example, you want the 2700 to go to one controller and the 2800 to go to another controller.

OK, thank you. What I've noticed is that the new 2802 AP's don't connect with the controller via option43 due to the series model of the AP not yet being configured in DHCP (only the 2700 series is currently configured which work fine).


So what your saying is that I can have more than 1 vendor ID within the same dhcp scope if required ? In my case both vendor ID's will direct the AP's to the same controller.

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