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CISCO WLC How to Block a Client

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We are using CISCO WLC and broadcasting a number of SSIDs.

What we want to do is to block some spesific users to a spesific SSIDs while letting to connct to another SSID.

Dows anyone have any idea?

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Scott Fella
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Hall of Fame

You can use radius 802.1x authentication or you can setup Mac filtering on the WLC and specify what WLAN's they can connect to. They will only be able to connect to one SSID though.

This setup you have is not normal as you want to have a device only connect to one ssid for simplicity and for user experience. Having the be able to connect to multiple
SSID's can lead to connectivity issues on the client side, since the device might switch back and fourth to the different SSID's. Also the more SSID's you have the more noise in the environment. Typically 3-4 max SSID's is suggested.

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Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

adding to Scott...

You can configure MAC Filtering under WLAN section for a specific SSID/WLAN.

You can configure list of mac addresses under MAC Filtering section under security tab and once done just select MAC Filtering option check box under WLAN Tab for specific SSID.

Have a look at this link


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