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Clean Air Express


I have the question and I didnt find good explanation about it((( So I have Cisco 1602 which supports Clean Air Express. Does it change the channel when detect interferrer? Or not? On it just says "makes adjustments to optimize coverage"((( Please clarify what does it mean?

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

CleanAir Express means that instead of a dedicated hardware to detect interference, CleanAir Express is done on software.  


But, yes, if you enable EDRRM then the AP will change the channel if the interference reaches a certain threshold.  

What "is done on software" means? I undestand that software is worse than hardware concerning speed. But what impact it has on dynamic adjustments to changing environment? It works slower than hardware? Also my 1602E is joined to 3850 switch Mobility Agent and it joined to 3850 Mobility Controller. And on 3850 Agent switch I see status "ClearAir not supported" on 1602E config page(((

When I say 'is done on software", the analysis of the interference is done on software.  Unlike the other models, this stage is done with a dedicated hardware, thereby leaving the APs CPU with more space to do other stuff.  


With CleanAir being done on software, this process is slower in some cases as the CPU has to share resources with other processes.


Go to Wireless > 802.11a > CleanAir and see if CleanAir is enabled globally.

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