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Cisco Employee

Clients joining only one AP when multiple are available

Good morning,

my customer has an area covered by 3 AP and all the 26 users are joined to only ONE AP. Is there any option to force the client to distribute across different AP. Customer is using WLC and WCS in a LWAPP environment.

I thought the only criteria for the Client to join AP is the strength of the signal


Are you sure the other 2 APs joined the controller? How close are these aps to the 'good' ap ? WLAN overide wasnt put on the other APs? Have you done a sniff of the air to see what is being broadcasted?

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Yes they both joined the same controller

They are distributed across the floor in an equal distance

No WLAN overide

No sniff done...

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Depends on the client NIC's firmware.

Can the clients see the other 2 LAPs?

Yes they do

As soon I reset the AP with most of the users the clients redistribute themself across all available APs


Have you enabled aggressive load balancing on the WLC?

Aggressive load-balancing on the WLC allows the access points to load-balance wireless clients across APs. Check the following URL:

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Cisco Employee

we had it enabled and the issue was still there

So we disable it to simplify settings

I would still expect the clients to associate to the closer ad stronger AP

Couple of questions:

1. Was this working at any point?

2. What version of code is running on the WLC?

3. Is there any interference issues on the channels on the other 2 aps?

4. What clients are these? Intel, Cisco??

It would help to have the controller configuration and have a look at the RRM settings.



Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

If you go to the WLC > Clients you'll see the different clients that are associated and to what APs. Go to the right-hand drop-down menu and click on Remove will "kick" the clients from that specific AP. Does this allow the client to associate to the correct AP?

What firmware are you using and what AP's are you using?

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