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Common SSIDs across remote sites w/ unique SSID Subnets for each site


We are replacing multiple 5508's with a single 9800-L at our Datacenter.  We have common SSIDs at all sites.  We use specific numbering schemes in subnet that help staff identify the location.  We would like to maintain this scheme.  But when in testing at the remote sites and the AP is pointing to the 9800L across the WAN instead of the site's local (soon to be removed) 5508, the client is getting the DHCP assigned IP from HQ's SSID subnet instead of the SSID's subnet defined in the remote site's interface and DHCP.  

I am attaching basic diagram that I hope makes sense.

Thx - P

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  - Probably a misconfiguration on the 9800-L , for starters review it's configuration with the CLI command show  tech wireless ; have  the output analyzed with : 
                                             Checkout all advisories !


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Everything is working.  I have APs at these remote sites that are joined to the 9800L.   I connect to SSID at the remote site and the Client IP is from the SSID's DHCP scope located at the Datacenter where the 9800L is located.   I want the client to pull the IP from the SSID's DHCP subnet at the remote site where the AP is located.   The Analyzer is clean....


You maybe missing some config for AP in Flexconnect mode, where your clients locally forwarded at AP level will ask for DHCP on the connected remote subnet.


 If you want to keep the local address and use Central WLC, you need to change the WLAN and Access Point to Flexconnect.

  On the Policy Profile, WLAN Switching Policy , change Central DHCP to disable.


Rich R

As the others have said - either the AP is in Local mode (central switching) or AP in Flexconnect mode with the SSID in Central Switching mode.  To break the traffic out locally at site the AP must be in Flexconnect Mode "no local-site" in the AP join site tag and the SSID needs to be in local-switching mode "no central switching"/"no central dhcp" on the WLAN policy profile.

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