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Jason Aarons
Frequent Contributor

Convert 3500 AP from Mash to Access Point

I mis-ordered some 3502i’s . They came with Mesh image by accident.

Can I just setup DHCP Option 43 TLV to point to my WLC, plug the AP in and have it change from Mesh to LWAP?

How do I switch from Mesh to LWAP without touching console?

Stephen Rodriguez
Cisco Employee

Yes, you can use the WLC to do this.

So Option 43 to point to the WLC.

Since it has a MESH image, you need to add the MAC of the AP to the macfilter on the WLC

Once the AP has joined, change the mode to 'local'

The AP will reboot and pull the correect image to work.



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For the macfilter do I use the mac on the sticker (AP Mac Address) on the bottom of the3502i?

Can you provide a sample WLC command line to modify the macfilter (or GUI) if the mac was 00:01:02:03:04:05

Been a long time since I setup mac filters and it was in standalone AP.

Jason Aarons


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904-338-3245 mobile

Hey Jason,

Yes, its the wired side mac address which is the ethernet / on the back of the ap ...

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So I also just recieved 80+ 3600I access points pre-loaded as Mesh even though I responed "No" when my Cisco Partner asked.  I need to convert them to local and finally FlexConnect.  My WLC is 7.2.103 with NCS 1.1 

In the past 2 months I've deployed nearly 40, in FlexConnect mode, 3500i / 3600i so our configuration seems to be solid

This discussion mentioned applying the MAC Filter on the Controller would help the AP find the Controller?  Not sure how to do that.

Here is a test port that I've used on many other non-mesh APs and they were able to find the controller and configure just fine but these 3600 Mesh APs can't?

interface FastEthernet0/7

description *** WIRELESS AP TRUNK ***

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport trunk native vlan 100

switchport trunk allowed vlan 100,102,104

switchport mode trunk

spanning-tree portfast disable

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Your problem is that a Mesh AP has to be authorized to join a WLC (to prevent people from having their own APs join other peoples mesh networks [or other people join yours])...

People always talk about adding to the mac filter in the security tab,   but adding them as MIC AP to the AP policies section under the security tab would work as well.       

This is not a Discovery issue, its simply that the WLC is going to reject the join of a mesh AP unless it is in the auth list.

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