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Hello All,I currently have a WLC4402 in my HO with approx 20 AP, my AP's register with the WLC using a DNS lookup with CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER static entry.I would like to install a second WLC and 20 AP's in a Remote location, how can I configure the ...

IrishMann by Beginner
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Hi,Got a quick and hopefully easy question on WLAN Narrowband, I’m learning from the Richard Deal CCNA book and I’m reading up on the Narrowband section in WLAN. Can someone please confirm the below is correct description of Narrowband within WLANs:N...

Hello !!I have a MSE with 25 user wIPS License. I have initialized and added the MSE to the WCS, created the Profile and have synchronized the settings. The problem is that when I go to the Access Points in the WLC and attempt to convert their mode t...

As far as I know, the NCS is an appliance. But today some people told me that he has a copy of Cisco's Network Control System software. I am confused. If what he said is true, can I install the software on the Windows platforms like Win2003 or Win200...

We have found that only Cisco 1231 WAP are exhibiting this behaviour. Their Primary WLAN controller is Cisco1 WLC but they fail to registerto Primary WLC and fall back to Cisco2 WLC. After about 200 sec , they attempt to connect to Primary WLC once a...

Resolved! AIR-AP1042N-E-K9

Hi community,sorry my english is not so well but I would like to try getting some support from this big community.I want to install a CISCO AIR-AP1042N-E-K9 at my home. During unpacking I determined that there is no power supply with it. So I decided...

Does anyone know the purpose of each antenna? I know its a 2T3R device which means 2Tx 3Rx, however which antennas are transmitting? Additionally if aftermarket antenna are used to increase range, is it necessary to use 3 or 2? Do they need to be spa...

Shavelieva by Beginner
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We are looking for your feedback on the Mobile Cisco Support Community! If you use the iPhone and/or iPad apps you can participate in a Live session hosted on Tuesday, December 6th.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have your voice heard and to lear...

Lisa Latour by Frequent Contributor
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Hi, I'm connecting two building with Cisco 1300 bridge as secondary (backup link). My primary link is fiber.I manage to configure the root bridge and non root bridge successfully and the traffic is flowing. However only the Native vlan (127) is flowi...

I have a 5800 WLC and 1142 LAP's, I currently use H-REAP to us the local interent connections at each of my 19 locations and use the DHCP server on the firewall's at these locations for client addresses. I would like to have the controller do DHCP fo...

Runing the report, "CleanAir > Worst Interferers" and I get this errorThe specified criteria did not match any data for the report.Make sure that the following background tasks are running:1. InterferersI know there is data that should match up becau...

rubleinda by Beginner
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