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Could not access GUI for vWLC installed on VMware workstation

Muhammed Adnan

Hello Experts,


I am trying to access GUI of vWLC installed on VMware workstation 15. I am able to ping the management IP address of vWLC from my PC and could not access the GUI.


I have also installed the ISE on the VM and don't face any issues in accessing its GUI.


Are their any specific consideration that I need to take into account to get the access on GUI for a virtual WLC?

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Flavio Miranda
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VIP Mentor


  Did you try different browsers?  Telnet on port 443 ? SSH works ? 


As a Virtual machine you´d  better create a second one e see if works. 




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Hi Flavio


Thanks for your response. 


Yes, I have tried different browsers, Telnet, SSH and even reinstalling and nothing has helped.


I have installed Prime and ISE as well in the same network of WLC. Ping to all 3 applications works fine, however when it comes to GUI access it works only for Prime and ISE and fails continuously for WLC :(



Anjana A

Hello ,


Please confirm the  details,


Confirm whether the WLC 's GUI is being accessed from wireless network?  Of the same ssid or AP which is connected to WLC.

In case yes, please connect to LAN or diffrent network and enable the option "Enable controller management to be accessible from the wireless client option under Management->management VIA wireless.


Please check and confirm





Hi Anjana


Thanks for your response.

The vWLC is installed is not for the purpose of having Access Points terminated. This is just a installation over VMware workstation on a laptop.

The surprising part is when I configure the management interface as untagged, the IP though is pingable but not accessible via GUI or Telnet.

Later I assigned the management IP to service port and the WLC is then accessible via service port. Any clue why I am not able to access the vWLC via the management IP address?

Has anyone figured out the issue? I can confirm the same the behavior with version

I have this exact same issue, were you ever able to find a resolution?


I'm also have this issue. One interesting thing,that in my case i cant ping default-gateway from vWLC (but ARP for gateway correctly seen), but from Host-pc i can ping vWLC.

I'm using VMware Workstation on Ubuntu Host in my case. Other VMs like ISE work fine with this configuration

I have this exact same issue, were you ever able to find a resolution?

Do you have two nics defined? Have you seen this link:
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That is for host only access to the vWLC, I'm looking for this to be accessible from my network so that test APs can connect.  To be clear, that works and APs can connect and broadcast SSIDs which work in FlexConnect, it's just I cannot manage the VM on the Management interface, I need to use the Service Port IP instead.

From what I have found from searching on the internet, people have used the service port as they were not able to manage it from the management interface. It does also seem many have had issues when trying to do this with VM workstation. Seems like you may run into some issue with features using VM workstation.
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