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Custom webauth pages for 4404

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i read a little of this but im not sure if its what im looking for.

How do I load a custom html file into a 4404 controller. Do I have to have ACS to do this? Are there any pre-made custom web auth pages out there?

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You don't need an ACS, as you can set up your webauth users from the WLC itself.

There's other setups that may require an ACS or similar, but it's not strictly necessary.

You then need to create yourself a login.html based on the template provided in the document you linked i think, if not. it's here.

Once you've made that you need to 'download' it onto the WLC, this is also detailed on the doc you linked

I made login.html a tar file. I downloaded it to the controller and told it to use the custom web auth page.

When I connect to my SSID, open IE it shows me my new webauth page minus the picture I added (" />)

I type my user name and password then I press submit. Nothing happens

Yeah, I had that happen too. There are a few sample pages floating around, and only one of them works.

The easiest way is to set a SSID to use the default, cisco webauth page. When you get the login page, download the source. Make sure to get the javascript functions. It's an include at the top of the file. You can put the name of javascript file in the url.


or whatever it's called.

I can probably send you a sample if you'd like.


Im not really sure what you mean about putting the java script int he URL though.

In the login.html page, it has the following line:

If you go to:

you should be able to download the javascript functions.

Send me an e-mail (kevin and I'll send you what we use for webauth.

I have the same issue. I downloaded the html code from the build-it page, but when I try to use it I get an "error on page" from IE.

Also, are you aware how to customize the logout page ?

Any clue ?

Hi Everyone, I just thought I'd add my .02 cents regarding the webauth page. I definitely agree that the easiest way to start a custom webauth page is to use / modify the Cisco supplied code. I actually went a step further than this and used Frontpage to edit the web auth page. (Yes I know, I know, Frontpage is horrible for simple html editing.. too much extra code haha) However, since I got it to work, it may not be a bad idea to go that route if HTML isn't your strong suit. Just remember that if you link any files make sure you just use the file name and not a path in the HTML. That way all you have to do is make sure your pictures / linked files are in the .tar file when you upload to the controller. Just a note of caution though... I did run into a version I created with Frontpage that broke the web auth on my 4402. The new web content loaded, but prevented logins. I remade the html page another way with Frontpage, replaced the cisco login code, and it fixed the problem. By the way I'm running 4.1.186 code. I have not tried the webauth (from Frontpage) on the latest (4.2 and up) WLC code, but I have upgraded the controller through different 4.0-4.1 releases and the webauth stayed the same with zero problems...

Here's a sample webauth bundle. Please forgive the cheesy graphics.

The logout page is a bit silly. The way the logout page works:

1) your main browser window _always_ goes to the default cisco logout page. If you've set the redirect url, then you get redirected.

2) it creates a pop-up for your customized logout page.

Thanks for the files, I used it to create the page. It's now working for the login. But i'm still getting the default page for the logout.

Any clue how to customize the logout page not to use the default one ?

There are a couple of things you can try.

1) Try overriding the global webauth config in the WLAN security config section. Select "login.html" for the login page, "logout.html" for the logout, and select whichever error page you want for the auth failure page.

2) Are you allowing web-redirects via javascript? What it's supposed to do:

a) pop-up a window with the customized logout page.

b) send your main browser window to the default cisco logout page, and then redirect if you specified the "redirect=" in the url. So, perhaps the redirect isn't getting set? I wrote a javascript method to generate the submit button to preserve the redirect url. So it should be taken care of.


I also have a question regarding the login.html page if anyone can answer. If I am doing a customized web autentication page and want to use something like where the terms and conditions are a seperate button-i don't have another server to add the text to if i want to put the button somewhere else. can anyone guide me on how i go about using the button for terms and conditions?

Sure, add another html page to the webauth bundle and point a link to the new page. The WLC webserver will serve any page/file you put in there. It will also handle directories. In the example webauth bundle I posted, I have a separate "images" directory.

E.g. in the tar, you'll have login.html, logout.html, failure.html and terms.html.

In the login.html file, insert an [a href="terms.html"]Terms and Conditions[/a] and you should be able to get to the page.