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Custom webauth settings in between Anchor & Foreign


Hi techies,

We have implemented a new wireless mobility guest SSID in between the anchor and multiple foreign controllers.

We are using a custom webauth page, written by the customer, which was working great.

Since we've upgraded to, we receive a couple of complaints from users saying that they receive the default Cisco web auth login page, instead of the custom. But, after they successfully logged on, they see the successfull page of the custom webauth package? Which seems quite strange. It seems like the webauth pages from the default Cisco one and our custom are getting mixed during the authentication process.

I have read in the mobility design guide about which settings should be absolutely identical in between the anchor & foreign controller(s).

So I've checked them and I see a difference in the web auth settings, under the security tab in the WLC, which tells the controller if it must use the default internal page, or a custom one. We've uploaded the custom web-auth package only to the anchor controller. The foreign controller have this option set to "Internal (default)".

Do we need to upload the same custom webauth .tar package to all of the foreign controllers to mitigate this?

It seems I can't find it in any ofthe cisco docs available..


Dion Dohmen


Scott Fella
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I think there was an issue with what you are seen with versions of 7.2. The webauth should be in the anchor WLC no matter what. You can search the forums as others have ran into that issue also.

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That's correct, it is added to the anchor WLC. The question is, does the custom .tar need to be added to the foreigns?

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