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Dimensional Drawings


I am attempting to build some custom aluminum mounting brackets for using these items in a production area. The customer purchased and currently does not yet have all the equipment. I have been unable to find any dimensional drawings/information for the following items. Does anyone have dimensional drawings for any of these?

Cisco AIR-CAP3802E-B-K9

Cisco AIR-ANT2544V4M-R

Meraki MR86-HW

Meraki MR46E-HW

Meraki MA-ANT-3-D6 

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Rich R
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VIP Advisor

Why not use the standard mounting brackets supplied with the APs?


TAC recommended codes for AireOS WLC's
Best Practices for AireOS WLC's
TAC recommended codes for 9800 WLC's
Best Practices for 9800 WLC's
Cisco Wireless compatibility matrix
Field Notice: FN-72424 Later Versions of WiFi 6 APs Fail to Join WLC - Software Upgrade Recommended
WARNING - see CSCwd37092 Throughput degraded after upgrading to code - 2800/3800/4800 series
- The fix for CSCwd37092 is now released in and
- For IOS-XE 17.3.6 select controller model, go to IOS XE Software AP Service Pack, select CSCwd40096 17.3.6 APSP2
Field Notice: FN-63942 Lightweight APs and WLCs Fail to Create CAPWAP Connections Due to Certificate
                      Expiration - Software Upgrade Recommended
Field Notice: FN-72524 - During Software Upgrade/Downgrade IOS APs Might Remain in Downloading State
                     After 4 Dec 2022 Due to Certificate Expiration - Fixed in and 17.3.6 APSP5 (APSP_CSCwd83653)
                     Also fixed in (8.5 mainline) and (8.5 IRCM) if you can't upgrade to 8.10
                     Note that and have been deferred (withdrawn) and are effectively unsupported by Cisco
Richard R
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