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Wireless controllers are in HA. recently client IT restarted primary WLC Then current secondary become primary and primary become secondary. After this they cannot SSH or https to the current primary WLC. current secondary is accessible through SSH. ...

jaheshkhan by Enthusiast
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Hello all   WLC 8.8 added a new AVC protocol, called "default-class": https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/8-8/config-guide/b_cg88/wireless_quality_of_service.html#d155018e19153a1635 In truth it's actually called "class-default" ...

patoberli by VIP Advisor
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We have CPI looking after two controllers, a 5520 and a 8540.I have created new WLAN AP groups on the 8540 but they are not being updated on the 5520 as I would expect.Oddly, the running config on the 8540 (thorugh Inventory -> Network devices -> All...

Hi, AllWe have 4 acces points Aironet 1850i with image mobility express:AP Running Image: Boot Image: Boot Image: Image type: MOBILITY EXPRESS IMAGEAP Configuration: MOBILITY EXPRESS CAPABLEWe configured the...

msmarziali by Beginner
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Resolved! AP1850 vs AP1852

Hello,I have to make a Wi-Fi implementation survey, my client wants Cisco AP1852i but i can't find the datasheet of this model.Is it the same as for Cisco AP 1850 series ? I don't see the difference.I need to radio pattern.Thank you for your future h...

dgrisard by Beginner
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Hi all,   We have problems with roaming on Mobility Express (version 8.4.x). Currently, we have 10 AP - 3802i and two of them are WLC (another one as backup). After connecting to one AP, we are connected to that one until we lose signal and then our ...

3xIT by Beginner
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I have a prime infrastructure (virtual) v2.2 but I'm going to migrate to v3.5. if I download a backup of the 2.2 prime this is compatible with v3.5 ??? if so, what happens with the license also comes in the backup ???How long will it take to download...

nstr1 by Beginner
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Hey all! New 1832/1852 APs  are able to chose the controller among themselves and work without hardware WLC.So do they in Mobility Express connected mode have any disadvantages compared to hardware solution? Specifically I have a network of ten 1832i...

mm0nst3rr by Beginner
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Please help. Set up basic config but AP will not join. *spamApTask2: Jun 27 11:46:04.953: 70:b3:17:06:99:92 DTLS keys for Control Plane are plumbed successfully for AP Index 3 *spamApTask2: Jun 27 11:46:04.953: 70:b3:17:06:99:92 DTLS ...

tyaansana by Beginner
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