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Greetings,I have a configuration issue with an Aironet 1262N running in Autonomous mode. It is connected to a dot1q trunk port on a 3750G (POE version).  I have attempted to configure a suite of SSIDs but only one SSID seems to be available - "tbmx"....

Hello ALL, I have ewc running on AP91915AX and was able to add other 9115X AP, but not the 3802AP. I upgraded the 3802 to version 8.10.121. I am receiving a version mismatch in the logs. I am not sure how to upgrade the 3802 to Version 17. Was anyone...

Hello, I have doubts about my configuration on my Wlc2504.I have only 2 interfaces: 1- interface management: vlan identifier untagged (0) interface clients: vlan identifier 2 and 2 ssid: management : associated to inte...

Hi. I am curious if anybody can tell me what material the Cisco Aironet 2 dBi Diversity Omnidirectional Ceiling Mount Antenna AIR-ANT5959 is made out of? I can find the Technical Specifications which list the range, polarization, dimensions, weight, ...

Hello All,How do you manage rogue APs in your setup? I know we can do this easily for wired rogues, how do you manage un-wired rogues especially user's mobile and other items acting as hotspot.I am sorry if this is asked already.Thanks,Pulkit

pnagpal by Level 1
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Hello, we currently have a network that is 10.110.x.x with (2) Cisco WAP access points setup with vlan configurations which are setup and configured correctly for our environment. These are the AIR-CAP2602I-A-K9.vlan3 - data (10.110.x.x)vlan5 - inter...

IT-LDI by Level 1
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Hi, I went into CCW to configure a 9115AXI access point, and saw that there's a -B1 regulatory domain available to select. What's the functional difference between the -B and the -B1 domains?

EdCarmody by Level 1
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