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Display Informative Web Page Browser of Client After Success Connection

Hi everyone,

I want to show a web page on client's browser following client connect a wlan.. I m not strict on showing web page, it might be "alert message" too.. Is that possible

Note: WLC: 5508

Thank you



Flavio Miranda


 There are some options depending on what you need exactly. Now a days is quite common you receive offers when connected to public wifi, there are some tools that can do that.

 Now, if all you have is the WLC, then you have limited option. You can redirect the client to the intended web page, after client successfully authenticated. You have the option to customize wlc web auth page.



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Hi Flavio,

All I have a WLC and PaloAlto firewall.. I can't customize webauth page because of I m using 2 wlan. one of authenticating by webauth but another is using aaa Server(wpa2-enterprise).. I m looking solution for both..

Thank you

Then I believe it is not possible.  What you can do is use a linux server and setup a web server there, then you can use it as radius for your wireless network  and web portal.  The WLC is limited in terms of interaction with clients.




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Yes, It is looking impossible :( I don't want buy a NAS solution just for this purpose..

Thank you

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

The only way I can think you can do something like that is only if you are using a portal page in which the user has to navigate through first before getting network access. You can use an external web server to generate your content and then also after login, you can redirect them to a site that displays your other content. 

If you are not using a portal page from the controller or being redirected from a controller, there are 3rd party open source and paid software and appliances that are placed inline that would then be used to present content, but is like a guest portal and users would have to accept to proceed to have internet connectivity. 

I would just be careful with the user experience. If there is too much content per say, the user experience will start to deminish. 

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