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Diversity issue between VxWorks and IOS



I have been using Vxworks v.12.02 running this exact configuration without any problems. Recently I have upgraded to IOS 12.2(13)JA2. My configuration is running diversity with antenna cable running into two seperate cells connected to 2.2 dBi omni. Under VXworks each cell worked great. Under IOS each cells singal fluctuates up and down causing weak singal strength to clients. If I set to right antenna only and connected a splitter my singal strenth is stable and very good. I have many area installed running diversity under this configuration and I need IOS to work the same as VXworks.

I appears as is the switching time instead of in ms is now 500 - 1000 ms.

Does anyone have any knowledge of the timing of the diversity switch and if both ports transmit equal energy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Could this be a possible bug. Hopefully I can get assitance on this tricky issue.

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I have seen this document and countless others. I have yet to see anything or here from anyone at Cisco or elsewhere explain to me what the difference between IOS and VxWorks concerning Diversity. I know that my methods are not "Cisco Approved" but all my installations were fine until I made the upgrade to IOS when running two seperate cells from the left and right antennas. If I only use the right side everything is good.

From an RF perspective it appears if the diversity switch is much slower in IOS than VxWorks?

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