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DNA Center (Non-Fabric)- How to change the RF profile on a lot of APs?


I have DNAC supporting 9800L WLC (17.3.x).

I need to change the RF profile on 100 APs. Is there a way that I can push out a job to change the RF Profile tag on those APs?


This is not a fabric deployment. The 9800 was setup and then discovered by DNAC.

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Haydn Andrews

Is the WLC managed by DNA-C for SSID configuration - as in have they been provisioned that way. may have added a workflow for RF profiles. otherwise there is always the option of a CLI template

My two cents, this would be easier via AP Tag filters or a python script

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I have not performed any configuration from DNA Center in the past.

I configured them, then discovered them via DNA Center.


Now I have a need to change the tag on a bunch of them.


don't think you need DNA Center for that, you can create an AP filter with a AP regex name and apply new RF Tag to this filter and it will be applied to all AP matching regex expression.

go to configuration>tags&profiles>tags>AP>filter, click add

priority 20

Rule name : any name you want

AP Regex name : TEST_AP* (mean apply it to any AP whose name starts with TEST_AP and anything after that (*), change it to your 100 APs, whatever is common in their name, you can play around with regex to match your naming convention)

assign tags including RF tag.

if it does not apply, reboot APs, you can reboot all in APs within a site tag through CLI

ap reset site-tag <site-tag name>


-hope this helps-

I tried the AP filter and it didn't work.

I used this last week on my C9800L with the APs in local mode (17.3.4c). This worked, the APs were already registered and it applied the config.


When I tried this filter on my Cloud 9800 running the same code, it didn't work. The APs are in Flex Connect mode. I put in the exact name of the AP and it didn't apply the new tags. I then rebooted the AP and it did not apply the new Tags.


Does anybody know if the filters work in Flex Connect mode?

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