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Duplicate SSID's


I'm trying to create duplicate SSID's with different interfaces.  I'm getting an error that says the SSID must be unique, or have different layer 2 authentication.

Our goal is to have users create one profile on their wireless device, and be able to travel among all of our locations, but make it easy for our service desk to tell where someone is by IP.   

I thought this would be possible by creating AP groups, but from what I'm reading it looks like this is not possible?

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Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

Can be done but it won't be easy.  


You need to create a series of dynamic interfaces.  You have one main interface where your SSID is tied to.  


Next you need to create DHCP scope for your APs at each site.  The DHCP scope has to be unique.  You can't have APs in SITE A get an IP address from Site B.  Site A DHCP scope and Site B DHCP scope has to be unique.  


Same thing with DHCP scope for wireless clients.  They have to be unique.   These scopes are tied to the dynamic interfaces (of each site).  For example, you create four dynamic:  


1.  Main_link:; 

2.  Site_A:; 

3.  Site B:;

4.  Site C:  (it's a small site so the subnet mask is small)


The default gateway of Site A, B, and C resides in your router.  


Next, the hard part:  You'll need to create a few scripts (like PERL) to pull data from the RADIUS authentication server.  Your script will say that all authenticated users will be plumbed back to the Main_Link dynamic interface. 



As far as i know it is not possible because you can create multiple SSIDs but not duplicate SSID in a single Network.

Stephen Rodriguez
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

That is exactly what AP groups are used for.


So long as the user is off the WLC for the idle timeout, they will get an IP address from the appropriate interface for the AP group





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