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ewc@9130axi (c9800) + Sonos grouping

dear community,


I have a lab env. and facing problems with Sonos grouping - see details:

- Using ewc @c9130axi (v 17.3.1)

- Using two Sonos device

   - Sonos BEAM

   - Sonos SUB

- AP is Flex mode due to ewc


BEAM and SUB are both connected to wifi and are reachable (visible on WLC & IP is fine)

Once I am trying to add  SUB to a Group with BEAM, my Sonos App on my mobile is showing up "Livingroom (+?)"


I was wondering there might be a problem with multicast/unicast - but after couple of hours I figured out, that the SUB is not getting an IP after grouping.


Radioactive Trace is giving me this: (see bold line)

11:35:47.997926 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-packet] [9659]: (debug): Received SISF packet of etype 0x800 for client "MacAddressOfSUB"; DHCPv4 
11:35:47.997942 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [client-orch-sm] [9659]: (debug): MAC: "MacAddressOfSUB" L3 VLAN Override SISF, returns vlan:1 is_l3_vlan_override:FALSE
11:35:47.997959 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sanet-shim-translate] [9659]: (debug): "MacAddressOfSUB" : Policy fetch
11:35:47.997982 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [auth-mgr] [9659]: (debug): [0000.0000.0000:unknown] Get client handle: Session info 0xda16f870 hdl 0x20000fdb client hdl 0 cur hdl 0xc2000fdb with client name BM
11:35:47.998040 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [epm] [9659]: (debug): ["MacAddressOfSUB":capwap_90000005] HDL = 0x0 calling copy policy info based on client mac
11:35:47.998050 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [epm] [9659]: (debug): [0000.0000.0000:unknown] HDL = 0x0 QoS attr copy: qos_in client_qos, qos_out client_qos, qos_level 5 avg_data_dn 0, avg_realtime_dn 0, burst_data_dn 0, burst_realtime_dn 0 avg_data_up 0, avg_realtime_up 0, burst_data_up 0, burst_realtime_up 0
11:35:47.998057 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [tman-client] [9659]: (debug): abcdefghijklmnopabcdefghij: EoGRE is not configured
11:35:47.998063 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [epm] [9659]: (debug): ["MacAddressOfSUB":capwap_90000005] HDL = 0x0 Copy policy infor for wireless - preauth filter : postauth filter :
11:35:47.998065 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sanet-shim-translate] [9659]: (debug): "MacAddressOfSUB" : Policy fetch
11:35:47.998068 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sanet-shim-translate] [9659]: (debug): VLAN: 1, VLAN source: 4
11:35:47.998070 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sanet-shim-translate] [9659]: (debug): VNID : not copied req feat bitmap 10
11:35:47.998074 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sanet-shim-translate] [9659]: (debug): Feature found bitmap: 0x10
11:35:47.998111 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [client-orch-fabric] [9659]: (debug): MAC: "MacAddressOfSUB" Global fabric is not enabledin get vnid from client mac
11:35:47.998114 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [client-orch-sm] [9659]: (debug): MAC: "MacAddressOfSUB" vlan_mode_api: switching_mode Local-swtiching vnid 0
11:35:47.998149 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [client-orch-sm] [9659]: (debug): MAC: "MacAddressOfSUB" vlan_mode_api: capwap_iifid 0x90000005
11:35:47.998152 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-packet] [9659]: (debug): Overwrite Rx interface: old interface 0x00000000 New interface 0x90000005
11:35:47.998160 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-memory] [9659]: (debug): Alloc pak chunk 0xab6a2120 for pak 0xab54ac24
11:35:47.998168 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-packet] [9659]: (debug): Setting client mode Local-swtiching for client "MacAddressOfSUB"
11:35:47.998186 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-internal] [9659]: (debug): IP version is 4
11:35:47.998206 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 DHCPv4 XID 1898FD8D
11:35:47.998209 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 Cached Option 53: SISF_DHCPOFFER
11:35:47.998211 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 Cached Option: 53
11:35:47.998213 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 Cached Option: 54
11:35:47.998214 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 Cached Option: 51
11:35:47.998216 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 Cached Option: 1
11:35:47.998218 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 Cached Option: 3
11:35:47.998220 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 Cached Option: 6
11:35:47.998222 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 Cached Option: 15
11:35:47.998224 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-parser] [9659]: (debug): capwap_90000005 vlan 1 End
11:35:47.998240 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-platform] [9659]: (debug): interface ifhdl 0x90000005 type CAPWAP is wireless true
11:35:47.998246 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-counters] [9659]: (debug): Updated count for sisf proto 0 message type 2 direction RX
11:35:47.998251 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-packet] [9659]: (debug): Ignoring offer timestamp updation for client "MacAddressOfSUB"
11:35:47.998259 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-packet] [9659]: (info): RX: DHCPv4 from interface capwap_90000005 on vlan 1 Src MAC: 04eb.409e.4xxx Dst MAC: ffff.ffff.ffff src_ip:, dst_ip:, BOOTPREPLY, SISF_DHCPOFFER, giaddr:, yiaddr:, CMAC: "MacAddressOfSUB"
11:35:47.998262 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-packet] [9659]: (debug): Dropped DHCP packet from flex/eCA client "MacAddressOfSUB"
11:35:47.998265 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-memory] [9659]: (debug): Free packet buffer 0xab54ac24 and pak chunk 0xab6a2120
11:35:47.998267 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-packet] [9659]: (debug): In ret_buffer pak: 0xab54ac24 bpak->buffer_start 0xab6d9dec bpak->subblock 0xab6a9a88
11:35:47.998284 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [ewlc-infra-evmgr] [9659]: (debug): End DB write transaction notification to library: EWLC_LIB_EVQ

So how could this happen? this must be something with the wlc and/or 9130axi.

Can not really follow, why device is dropping - without grouping, dhcp is working fine.


If I am changing over to my productive wireless (non-cisco & enduser equipment) - the sonos grouping is working fine.


I can also see in a wireshark capture the packets from SUB - see attached screenshot.


any ideas about this?



found these information during my research:


VIP Advisor

I don't know the EWC very well, but I see that you use a VLAN 1 and a VLAN 4. Which should the sub get and which IP range is defined for that VLAN?


I was curious about that log entry for VLAN 4 - because this VLAN does not exist.

Only using VLAN 1 (all access - no tagging). The internal IP Range is 


in the log you can see the sub is getting "" - i mean depending on this line:

11:35:47.998259 {wncd_x_R0-0}{1}: [sisf-packet] [9659]: (info): RX: DHCPv4 from interface capwap_90000005 on vlan 1 Src MAC: 04eb.409e.4xxx Dst MAC: ffff.ffff.ffff src_ip:, dst_ip:, BOOTPREPLY, SISF_DHCPOFFER, giaddr:, yiaddr:, CMAC: "MacAddressOfSUB" 


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