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EWC radioactive trace out of memory

Hi guys,
I got a few questions/remarks about my EWC deployment with C9120AXI AP's I just did at my home to use and play around with.

I installed 4 AP's in EWC mode directly with the most recent SW version 17.6.1b.

1) main issue
When I try to troubleshoot clients using the radioactive trace I can add mac addresses and start the process, but when it's to to generate logs for those mac's even for 10 minutes it always fails on memory issue: Message Not enough free memory to run this command, cancelling ...   however in the main dashboard page I see only a 56% memory usage.

2) Alot of issues with different clients
It seems that I run into several issues with different clients since installing these AP's instead of the older 1832's.  A mediatek WiFi 6 chip on a laptop seems to have intermittent connectivity issues at -53 dBm RSSI/39 dB SNR... when I do packet captures on the wired side it seems that most problems happen downstream from AP to client.  Another client at the exact location with an intel chip does not have this problem.
Other Android 10 clients could not join the WPA2 Enterprise local EAP SSID or even the simple WPA2PSK SSID due to a bug with certain android phones when device analytics is turned on.  Luckily I found that bug in the tracker.  Those clients however could perfectly connect to WPA3 SAE...

3) Apple devices won't connect to my Local EAP SSID and fail after the EAP server hello so I assume the certificate is not liked by Apple.  Since I'm using the self signed cert on the EWC which has a validity of over 10 years I assume Apple rejects the certs due to a longer validity than 1 or 2 years.  So I guess I'll have to try to setup a local CA with openssl and try to get a valid cert.  Any pointers here I should be aware of?


Thx in advance.

VIP Advisor

To 3: this is correct. You can probably use the Apple provisioning tool to provision the SSID with the self-signed certificate to them, but I've never used it.


For all the other problems, try to disable Fast Transition 802.11r or set it first to Adaptive. Usually this cures most problems. 

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