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Flexconnect\AP Group Question

Good Afternoon,

I understand the concept behind AP Groups and Flexconnect groups. Here is my question though. Say we have Multiple SSID's to support different functions are various locations running HREAP AP's. For Example:

Site 1 - SSID - Corporate

           SSID - Function1

Site 2 - SSID - Corporate

Site 3  SSID - Corporate

           SSID - Function2

How do I prevent Function1 and Function2 from broadcasting to different sites if you cannot use AP Groups in Local Switching mode?

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Master

How do I prevent Function1 and Function2 from broadcasting to different sites if you cannot use AP Groups in Local Switching mode?

You CAN use AP Groups with local and or FlexConnect AP's. The only difference with FlexConnect is that you have to specify the SSID to vlan mapping on each AP, but you can use ap groups to determine what SSIDs you want available on what access point.

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When I choose to create a AP Group there is a footnote reminder that changing the interface for the WLAN of the AP Group will remove any local VLAN mapping for HREAP AP's in the group.


it is very much possible.I think you are trying something else.

or when access point registers, access point become the memeber of default AP group therefore might be it is giving the warning ,will remove the previous mapping.


We are running these AP's off a WLC 5508 on software version:

Do you see any trouble configuring this? Everythign I read mentions that AP GRoups is not supported for Local Switched WLANs for HREAP\Flex Connect? Is this the case with older revs?

If you see something that clearly says AP Groups are not supported with Flex Connect, then that document is wrong and should be corrected.....

The footnote you are referencing is just telling you that when you change the interface in the AP Group, it is going to mess up your vlan assignment on the AP/Flex configuration.

Basically anytime you mess with the AP Groups, you need to go make sure you vlan mappings are still correct on your flex APs....heck, any time you mess with anything with flex connect you should make sure your mappings are still correct

I think the confusion may be coming from the fact that you shouldn't be relying on AP Groups to determine the VLAN set with flex connect.....                  the function of using AP Groups to pick what SSIDs are on the AP however is absolutely necessary.

Sweet. Thanks.

Does adding AP's to an AP Group cause a reboot of the AP?

Yes it does.

I have another FlexConnect question.

So our controller has an interface defined for a SSID. Does the Flex Connect AP need access to that VLAN even if they are going to run that SSID locally switched mapped to a local VLAN?

So would it best for us for the time being to assign these SSID's to the managment interface of the controller? If the Flex Connect AP in local switch actually needs to be able to communicate, i dont want to put our Guest VLAN over our Site to Site VPN's at this time is the only reason I ask this question.

No, the flexconnect AP has no significance or need access to that vlan.

You can have SSID mapped to the interface that is for the vlan your clients on local mode laps are being served upon.

(If this SSID is also served on local APs at WLC site)

Otherwise you can map it to management and define local switching with appropriate vlan mappings under flexconnect tab on relevant APs. All your data traffic for that client, or vlan placement will be done at local site where Flex AP is installed.

(This way your SSID data traffic will not traverse the WAN link)

For clarity:

Central switching: Data traffic tunneled to WLC over WAN.

Local switching: Data traffic shown the door at the local site where Flex AP is.



Ok, thats what i thought i just needed clarification. Would Flex AP ever run in Central Switching in a fail over type of scenario, can't think of it but just a question?

This is how i understand your question;

Will a AP in Flex change operating mode for a wlan that it has been serving in local switching mode to central switching, in case of a failure?

- In local switching you already have data being offloaded locally, so no significance to WAN link, or comm with wlc.

- If WAN link goes (i assume this is what you mean by failover in above question) no new clients would be able to connect and existing clients will be served only till they auth/session timeout.

Answer to your question:

No it will not change operating mode to Centrally switch data( primarily if WAN fails, there is nothing central existance anymore) , as you have local switching defined on that WLAN and that would be effective for all Flex mode APs.



Justin Hale

Regarding the footnote "Changing the WLAN interface mapping in an AP Group will remove the local VLAN mapping for FlexConnect AP in this group.


I have seen in some cases the local mappings are retained, and in some cases not. I don't know why!


e.g. My company uses two SSIDs, our WLC in a 7510 (Flex Only). most of the SSIDs have AP-Specific mappings as none of the VLAN ID around the company are the same. We use AP groups per site. I have added a 3rd SSID to APgroup XYZ and all the previous AP-specific Mappings where retained. I have also added the new SSID to another AP group ZYX (same config as XYZ) and same AP type, and the AP-Specific VLANs were flushed. I don't know why!


what I have had to do is create a TEST AP group, move APs to it (as settings are always retained), update the original APgroup to add the new SSID, then move APs back.


I'm not sure why the mapping are only flushed sometimes!




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