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Foreign/Anchor with external company - Intermittent


We have 3 large sites, WLC5520 and 8510s all running

We have a Foreign/Anchor with external Company, the link for this comes to site 1.

Their WLC is a 5508 running 8.5.151

All 3 sites and WLCs anchor back to this 5508.

I'm getting intermittent control paths down only on 2 of the WLCs on site 1, but these are registered at different times.

Both WLCs are on the same Distribution blade, same config, on a 10Gb Connection, 1 is a 5520 and the other is a 8510.


If there was a issue with the the firewall to the 3rd party, I'd expect to see the Anchor fail on all WLCs at the same time, not just 2 at different times.


This install has been working for years.

cable from Switch to Firewall passes cable TDR test from switch, ports not being hammered.

We have several other Foreign/Anchor to other external company's and our DMZ WLCs, no issues

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At the time of the issue did you do a mping to verify the connectivity to mobility peer? What was the result?

Alos make sure keepalive timers are matched at both sides.

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