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guest access list

i have controller 5508

i configure vlan 10 for guest and name guest-inter


default gateway ( ip address fo core switch)

dhcp server ( ( ip dhcp server is the same ip for DNS server )

i create ssid name gest and choose interface guest-inter and choose web authentication

also there is blue coast proxy for internet

i need guest user to access internet only

what the access list need to apply for guest in the WLC to permite internet only

i configured the access list in the controller and applied in the guest-inter interface

1- permit any any  udp  (source port dns)  ( destination port  any)    (direction any )

2-permite any any udp   ( any )                 ( dns)                             (any)

3- permite any   ip   any  any               any

4-permite   any  ip     any any                 any

5-permite any   ip    any  any                   any

6- permite  any  ip   any    any                  any

i put user name and password for guest and disply page access sucessful and stop

after that i can not access internet

please advice me


I would rather put an ACL to block the inside access, as given below

permit ip  any ( here you can give a mask of and specificallly the proxy port)

permit ip  any ( ( here you can give a mask of and the DNS port )

deny ip

permit ip any

What is the image that you are using in the WLC, if the build is above enable "WebAuth Proxy Redirection Mode" from the Controller page



I worked by the same things you mentioned but unfortunately the same thing ther is no changing .
Please if you have practical technical document for guest access-list send to me

or advice me .


Whatever you allow out, you need to explicitly allow back in as well. Unlike applying the acl to a svi where you only need one way.

That being said. I'd put the acl on the gateway svi instead if on the WLC.


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I applied the access list in two directions, even before the possible but i  forget to mentioned in my previous letter
I will try to apply in the layer 3 core switch and i will tell you the result .

You need to identifiy your interfaces in the WLC as inbound and outbound. I just did a number id ACLs on the WLC for ISE and I had the same problem. Once I added the inbound and outbound life was good. Give that a shot.

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