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I have a problem with my wireless I file 20gb now wants to send wireless to another computer and then restart the wireless module once someone has the same problem and how can you solve that

pcfreak49 by Beginner
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Because of the AT&T->Cincular->AT&T shuffle, a lot of examples have conflicting details about:1) CHAT string *98 v.s. *992) APN Name in Celluar GSM Profile3) PAP or CHAP authentiation4) CHAP Username/passwordDoes anyone have a known-good working AT&T...

This is simply out of interest and not an issue I am experiencing. Is there anywhere it explains or does anyone know how to tag voice trafic from a laptop, ie a softphone.With seperate devices its easy, also I would not want to tag all traffic from a...

We have two WiSMs and two 5508s, all running  WCS version is  I've started adding some 3500s, but in WCS when I go to the CleanAir tab all the graphs are blank.  I had thought that the data would start populating automatically.  ...

mduling by Beginner
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I have a problem I've created an SSID on a 800 series with an interface with vlan 2 ip address What is the problem if a client wants to connect to get this done I have no ip address on another Cisco router and it does not wor...

pcfreak49 by Beginner
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We have a 4402 wlc setup for guest network access. We are using the local net users to provide access to our guests. We have an issue where if a user signs in through the web, sometimes but not always, they are then forced to keep signing back in alm...

Using an 1142 in a stand a lone environment, (I changed the default firmware to the stand alone) - how do I also set up security to support a MAC address along with WPA2 Personal?Thanks

micwill3 by Cisco Employee
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I've been reading some of the forums and it seems a lot of people are having trouble with iPhones and iPads on the wireless network. Well, I am as well. I have several wlans (all with different security wpa/psk, wpa2 enterprise, etc.) on our enterpri...

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