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HA-SSO pairing possible between LDPE and non LDPE wlc?

Mats Nilson

Hi all.

I was to day to finalise the migration of a customer network to HA-SSO enabled central controllers.

However on one site this failed. Unfortunately the ordering or delivery had been mismatched in a recent additional controller ordered with HA-SSO option.

The Primary original controller is non LDPE standard controller. By some unknown reason the new controller is LDPE enabled.

In the documentation it is stated: HA Pairing is possible only between same type of hardware and software version. Mismatch may result in Controllers entering Maintenance mode.

My question is very simple - will HA-SSO fail or not when these different codes and licensed functionalty types?

If so - how can we correct the LDPE issue; can TAC relicense or somehow "fix" this error?

Thankful for anything that can help me in the right direction.

Sincere Regards


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Richard Atkin

Given how important encryption is to most of the WLC's functionality, I think this will probably be a show stopper. Try to contact in the first instance, or failing that, TAC.

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Scott Fella
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You can download a free license to convert your LDPE to a non LDPE. Look at the license portal and choose free license section.

Here is a doc

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Thanks Scott....

...Nothing mentioned in the guidelines about Controllers becoming unresponsive/dead after installing the license and rebooting!

- Are you aware of any pitfalls?

Unit has been unresponsive for 15 minutes.

Current image is AIR-CT5500-LDPE-K9-7-3-112-0.aes and ER image AIR-CT5500-LDPE-K9-1-7-0-0-FUS.aes.

What now - RMA?

Thanks in advance.

I have not ran into that issue not aware of any issue like that. You can boot up the WLC and see if it boots. If not, get to the boot menu and hit esc and use a different image. I have done this many times with no issues.

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