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in WCS 6.0.170 do not see Client on the Map

Hi All,

in a WCS ver 6.0.170 i have positioned an H-REAP AP un a floor area and i corrctly see the Heatmap  but if i choose to view in the AP Filter the "Assoc. Client,"

the clients count was  zero even if there are 1 or more client associate.

I have try on a WCS with version 6.0.132 and it was show but after the upgrade to the version 6.0.170 I can't see the assoc. client on the Map Too.

there is a bug in the  new version?

thanks in advace


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Let me understand what you are trying to establish.  You have a WCS with the maps fully populated with LAPs.  You want to find out why clients are not in the maps?

If this is what you are trying to do then it's not possible.  You need to purchase the Cisco MSE (aka a Locator appliance).

I hope I answered your question.

unfortunatly no..

I don't need to see where are the client on the maps, but where they are associated.

From the option of the AP present on the map , you can choose to view , Neme of the AP, channel in use, mac address of the AP, etc..and you can also choose to view the number of client associated on every AP , but after the upgrade fro m 6.0.132 to 6.0.170 the number of client associated is always 0.

thanks anyway


We recently upgrade from WCS 4.x to 6.0.170.  We have the same issue, when in the maps, select the ">" next to Access points, then in "Display" slect "Assoc Clients".  All AP's display zero clients.  However the table view of Maps list a client count.

Is this a know bug???  or, should I open a TAC case to get it Identified?

What version of 4.2 did you upgrade from?  Did you stop at prior to the jump to 6.x?  If you go to the floor map and hover over the AP and choose the protocol do you see the number of associated clients there?

You have clicked the > next to Access Points and chosen to display Assoc. Client?

Does this happen with a specific user and also root?

Our WCS was 4.2.128 prior to the direct upgrade to 6.0.170.

When hovered over an AP and selecting the 802.11b/g/n radio (the only band we use)  I still see 0 clients just as I do when clicking the > next to Access Points and chosen to display Assoc. Client on the upper left part of the screen for floor view map.  We see this on all maps, but the one I just tested on has 9 AP's and shows 46 clients in the table view of maps.

Also tested with root and TACACS+ superuser account with the same results.

Any idea's?


Jack Poehlman

Aviall, Inc

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