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int dot11 0 stops working

Level 1
Level 1

I am using about 19 pieces of

AIR-AP1242AG-E-K9       12.4(10b)JA

Two of them show a frequent failure last time. The radio transceiver stops working suddenly without an obvious
reason. The "WiFi inspector" shows no radio sending, but the show command shows that Radio 0 is up (remote access via
Ethernet remains unaffected):

cw-bp1#sh int do 0
Dot11Radio0 is up, line protocol is up

After reboot the Access Point starts working properly.

Any opinion?



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Level 7
Level 7

When the AP is like this do a "show controller d0" and see if beacons and probes are enabled.  You also could look to see if the interface is wedged.

Dear dancampb,

thanks for your suggestions. I have read controller d0 right now:


Beacon Flags: 0; Beacons are enabled; Probes are enabled


This is of course the normal status, all radios are working well now.

How to discover  whether the interface is wedged?

BTW since my last post a new failure occured. In this case on the radio

bridge. None of the two involved APs allows a client association. So the

logs are simple and looks as follows - see the attached files.

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