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I am using Cisco AP352's as AP's on a WISP network. I have customer's buying their own CPE and most talk just find with the 352's. I have one customer that has bought a Smartbridges AirPoint Total. It does not seem to want to associate with the Cisco AP even though it sees it just fine. A note in the unit's user guide states:

"smartBridges use Address-4 field, which is an optional field as specified by IEEE 802.11b standard. All the IEEE 802.11 b compliant wireless access points supporting this field can be used with Client-Bridge mode."


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Just having a look on the WiFi site there is no products by Smartbridges.

This infers that they are NOT WiFi certified. You will need to confirm with them to see if they are certified and the WiFi site has not been updated yet.

If a device is not WiFi certified then there is no gaurentee of interoperability.

There is a big difference in a vendor claiming they are IEEE802.11b compliant and being WiFi certified.

I do not believe they are WiFi, Besides, from what I can tell of WiFi equipment and its targets, its aimed at WLAN equipment, not necessarily WISP type environments. This still does not answre the basic question. Does the AP352 support the Field Address-4 of the 802.,11b standard? (It is an option field so would not be a WiFi requirement, but could stiull be supoported...)


I have asked the product manager double check for you but I *think* we dont support this as it is not working and we use the WGB for this function.

I will post back a 100% answer either way once I can confirm it for you.

WiFi in my opinion is great for everyone including WISP's as this will reduce the amount of combinations you have to test for AP's and CPE devices.

Sure the standards are not designed totally for WISP but that was never the intention. WiFi ensures standards complance without stopping vendors adding value added features on top of this standard which is good for the industry.

If you are not interested in WiFi and you want to have a mixed vedor network your only option is to test every combination of client devices and APs that you use then have a list of devices that you support then dictate to your customers that they must choose a device on that list. I dont think too many would like to run their business in this way so WiFi gives you a 3rd party tested option

Thanks. I appreciate it. Just FYI, I do have an Orinoco AP as well, and it appears that the unit in question will work with the Orinoco AP.

The device in question (a Smartbridges Airpoint Pro) does claim to be WiFi compliant, but I do not see any WiFi stamp so I doubt it is certified. I have talked to a few others and it appears that your 340 product does work with it. Interesting, huh?


Hi Scott,

Sorry for the delay but I can now confirm my previous comment we do NOT support this field for use with NON Cisco devices.

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