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IOS 1230 AP Radio shuts down

Level 1
Level 1

I have a unique problem in which I have my Cisco SE involved in trying to correct. When using an IOS based 1230 AP in one of my locations the RADIO interface will turn off (shut down) even though it appears as being up. All associatins are lost and the only way to reassociate to the AP is by restarting the AP. I have the latest code running for the Vxworks 1200 AP and this problem does not happen. I also have the IOS based 1230 AP deployed at all my other locations with zero problems. Cisco has provided me with a spectrum analyzer thinking it was some interference, but we have not seen any interference. Is anyone else having this problem? Please reply of e-mail me I would love to discuss this with you.


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Craig Norborg
Level 4
Level 4

Hmm... I have had problems with the 802.11a (5Ghz) radio shutting down. It just says something like "DOT11-RADIO-FAILED" I believe in the logs and shows that it was down. Had the unit replaced once and the problem seemed to go away for quite awhile but did notice the radio failed again last week sometime and had to reboot again.

I thought it might be heat related since it was mounted on a "cloth" wall without the right mounting bracket and might have had the vents covered, but that's not the case now.

Level 1
Level 1

I have 2 1230s with b radios that also shut down seemingly at random and requires restart of the aps to correct it. Has there been any information gained on this since it was first posted?

This issue was finally addressed with IOS 12.13JA2. DOn't use 12.15JA as DHCP request will stop working. 12.13JA2 seems to be a real solid bug free code.

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