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iPhone devices not connecting to guest network


We are seen an issue where iPhone devices are not able to connect to guest wireless network. when the iPhone tries to connect to the guest network we are getting "error opening page. Hotspot login cannot open the page because the server cannot be found" This was previously not an issue and no config changes have been done. iPhone is getting DHCP ip address and DNS ip address. 


We have seen this issue on different versions of IOS 14.4 and 14.6 


Android devices connect just fine to the guest network and get the splash pg automatically. Windows computers are also able to connect to the guest network with no issues. 


manual workarounds to get iPhone connected to the guest network work but this is not a scalable fix. ( manual solutions include, changing dns settings to manual -> add dns servers. 

Turn WiFi OFF and Turn ON Again

Go to iOS settings, then WiFi and turn WiFi OFF.
Go to iOS settings, then Cellular and turn Cellular Data OFF.
Go to iOS settings, then WiFi and turn WiFi ON.
Connect to the Guest WiFi signal and complete log in process.
Go to iOS settings, then Cellular and turn Cellular Data ON.


we are using a third party trusted certificate for our guest network, not a self signed cert. something about webauth/captive active portal redirect on IOS seems to be the problem. 

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Quick update


Our Guest network DHCP scope dns settings had our internal dns servers on top (prefer) and google dns servers at the bottom (least prefer). We removed google DNS and this seem to have fix the issue for now. iPhones are now getting the guest splash page automatically. 


Not sure why google dns entries were being prefer over our internal dns servers for the guest network. 

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how about OLD iPhone before 14.X  IOS ? is that works ? you need to capture full  Logs to see what is wrong here ?


When i had same issue Last time i did one test, configure iphone with static IP with DNS, it works as expected - can you do that test.


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Unfortunately, we do not have an old iphone with a version lower than 14.6 at the moment. We will try to see if we can find one. We can manually add the dns servers to the guest wifi setting on the client's iPhone and this works/brings up the splash pg. However, we are trying to figure out why this is happening and find a scalable solution for our end users. We are hoping to get the splash pg to come up automatically on iPhones.