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I have Cisco WLC 5520 & nearly 50 Cisco Access Points are part of it. I want to reboot some of the Access Points . I want to reboot via WLC GUI.Let me know how to reboot the Access points from the Cisco WLC 5520 GUI. 

RS19 by Level 4
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I have many 3802 and 1562 APs running from my 5520 controller (ios 8.3.143).  I have tried to connect two new 1562 AP. They receive an IP from DHCP (including option 43 values). I can ping the IP they receive. However there is no sign of them on the ...

jmcgrady1 by Level 1
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Resolved! Link Down on WLC

WLC is setting.SW and WLC are connected with an 1G multi fiber cable,but WLC is Link Down and SW is notconnect.What is the problem?? Switch#sh ip int bInterface IP-Address OK? Method Status ProtocolVlan1 YES manual up upVlan50

20201109_201631.png 20201109_202356.png

Hi All, I have some 1572 external AP's and some of them do not have the C + D LEDs lit (the status and uplink LEDs).They are working fine and servicing clients.Does anyone know why these LEDs are off?They light up when powering up so I know they work...

jphilp by Level 1
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Please can someone tell me what the source interface / address of AAA requests comes from in an AAA server over-ride configuration? If a client is connected to SSID ABC and that WLAN has AAA server over-ride addresses will the request be sources from...

Evlaa2021 by Level 1
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Hi All, I've a customer who is expanding their office to a building across street and they want to implement following design. WLC --SWITCH1-- RAP -- MESH --- MAP -- SWITCH2 -- LOCAL MODE APs Will this design works? If yes, what should be the configu...

Wireless AP client unable to get dhcp ip from cisco WLC (when the underlay connection is over VSAT link)... We have two WAN connection to the HQ office where WLC is locatedOn cellular 4G wan connection, the clients work fine on AP. but if they switch...

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