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Kindle Touch and WLC


We are a public library and offer an open wireless cloud to our patrons. We are currently having trouble with people connecting to our wireless with the Kindle Touch version 4. Users of the Kindle Fire and older models have no problems with connecting, just this one specific model. We are using Cisco Aironet 1230 Access Points connecting back via LWAPP to a WLC 4402 running code version The clients are receiving their DHCP options from a Windows 2003 server.  Besides the standard options we are also pushing the WPAD 252 option.

Any help that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated

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Scott Fella
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Is it open authentication or something else. It almost seems to be just related to that device though than anything wireless related. You might be able to run some debugs on the client.

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It is an open authenication WLAN and yes, it is only that device. All other devices seem to connect fine including the Kindle Fire.

When you say to run a debug on the client I'm not sure that is possible on the Kindle. Is there a debug I can run on the CLI of the controller that would give some info?