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Pramod Ganigi

Light Weight Acceesspoint Cisco 1242AG K9 is not joining 2100 series WLC

                  Dear Experts,

I have configued Cisco LAP 1242AG with statis IP.

I have connected LAP to WLC.

I am able to ping WLC management interface IP Address from LAP's console.

LAP is failed to Join WLC with  error "Could not resolve CISCO-SAPWAP-CONTROLLER"

Please suggest me to resolve this issue

Thank you

Pramod Ganigi

Felix Arrieta
Cisco Employee

Hello Pramod,

There are many  issues when connecting an AP directly to a WLC, basically because the WLC itself wasn't built to behave like a normal switch, even when it goes with many ports you should only use the one for the management/ap-manager interface.

can you connect the AP to a switch instead and start your wireless testing from there.. if you have any questions let us know,

for any more questions  about why not connecting an AP directly to a WLC you might want to review the following support forum:


Dear Felix,

Do you mean to Say,

I have connect LAP to ethernet switch and Ethernet switch to be connected to port 1 of WLC.

LAP is configured to use Static IP, in this case LAP will be able to join WLC?

Is this Right? Please correct me

Thank you

Pramod Ganigi

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

It is best to connect the wlc and the LAP to a switch. Look at the link that was posted by Felix as it should guide you on what you need to do.

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