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Location Analytics Setup Guide

Hi all,

     it seems that alot of us around the world are having issues getting the Location Analytics up and running.  So i thoguht that i would start a thred that we can all use to assit each other and document the proceedure.

What is required for Lcoation Analytics:

MSE 7.4.100

Cisco PI 1.3

WLC 7.2 or Higher.

Documents that i have found usefull are:

Release Notes for Cisco Prime Infrastructure, Release

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Configuration Guide, Release 1.3

Cisco Location Analytics Service Configuraion Guide, Release

Cisco Context-Aware Service Configuration Guide, Release 7.4

Connected Mobile Experiences Design and Implementation Guide Cisco Mobility Services Engine

and to get us started the nost common problem ppl are having is loggin in!

you will find the UI at

http://<MSE IP>:8080/ui

default username and password for me was admin/admin

good luck and please post your questions back here for us all to help.

Mark Julier

Twitter - @MarkJulier

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Ok so ill start the next issue.

a few people are havign (includign me) the problem that when you login to Lcaotion analytis you get the message

"No visualisation possible because there has been no data collected yet."

Now i am not sure at this point why this is i have checked the following:

  • MSE is running and in Sync
  • I have a CAS License
  • I have a Location Analytics License
  • Location Analytics Service is UP
  • Context Aware Service is UP
  • I have floor plans in PI
  • I have coverage areas on my maps
  • I can see and track clients on my floor plans in PI

So come on someone how do you get your data into the Location Analytics?



twitter @MarkJulier


Did you fix this?   Did it just start working over time?

Supposed to be doing an install right now and its dead in the water with the

"No visualisation possible because there has been no data collected yet."

It takes a good half hour and a fair amount of traffic before it starts working.

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Ravi Singh
Level 7
Level 7

Richard is abslutely right. It took time to show the Statistics. Some time it took longer than expected time. So please be bear with it.

So I have added some covergae areas and they showed up  in the ui zones,  however this morning  new zones were addedd and they dont appear in the ui

Any reason known for this?

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