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Making AP 1200 11a runs in 11b mode


i have quite a no of unused 1200 11a AP, recently found out that i can take out the 11a module card from the AP.

Question, can the Aironet 1200 runs in 11b after i have removed the 11a module and upgrade the firmware ?

I found out that after i removed the 11a module, i can see that i have no wireless modules installed.

Any one tried this b4 ?

Do i need to plug in a 11b module card ?



The 11b (or 11g) radio modules are "mini-pci" and fit inside the AP from the access door on the bottom.

I'm not aware of any PCMCIA radio modules (like the "a" modules) for 802.11b or g for use in the AP100 series.

If you are going to buy mini-pci radios, I'd recommend the "g" modules. the "b' radios will not be upgradable for WPA2 / AES and other future features.



so my best solutions would b to buy 11g card for my 1200 AP.

i tried upgrading the firmware to 12.3, apparently this is of no use, since i do not have to hardware to support for my 1200 11a AP.

I believe that is correct sir...

Good Luck


Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

AP1200 can have two radio interfaces. Dot11radio 0 is always 802.11b or 802.11g. Dot11radio 1 is 802.11a. Depends on how many radio modules did he purchase, he may purchase a 802.11b radio module already. Thus, he does not need to purchase a 802.11g module if all he wants is 802.11b.

Please go to the http interface. Click on "NETWORK INTERFACES" If there is a Radio0-802.11?, you do not a 802.11g radio module.

Of course, you need to purchase a 802.11g radio module or the new 802.11a radio module if you want AES.

If your access point has a firmware failure, you must reload the complete access point image file using the Web browser interface or by pressing and holding the MODE button for around 30 seconds. You can use the browser interface if the access point firmware is still fully operational and you want to upgrade the firmware image. However, you can use the MODE button when the access point has a corrupt firmware image.
Your access point must be running specific Cisco IOS software releases before you upgrade its radios; otherwise, your access point might not be able to complete the boot sequence until the radio is removed . For additional information, refer to the Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access Points.
You can use the MODE button on the access point to reload the access point image file from an active Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server on your network or on a PC connected to the access point Ethernet port.


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