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Meraki MR46E and Cisco AIR-ANT2513P4M-N=


We are trying to carry out a design for a client with a large warehouse that is full of pallet racking. They have specified the Meraki range of AP's so we initially worked on using the MR76 with a MA-ANT-21 to cover a 50M aisle using 5GHz only. To prove the design, we will be carrying out a site survey but are having difficulty (like everyone) in getting stock of the MR76's. Therefore we have looked at the MR46E as the client have these already, but note that the MA-ANT-21 isn't compatible so we have looked at the AIR-ANT2513P4M-N and seems a comparable match as far as radiation patterns are concerned (2.4GHz will simply be disabled in the AP's). However I'm struggling to find any info that would confirm either way whether this will or will not work with the MR46E. The BT and Scan functions will not be required by the client, hence I thought we can use a 4 port antenna.

Does anyone have any experience of this panel and similar AP's?



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MR46E wont work with AIR-ANT2513, see the link below for the list of compatible antenna, search the word "antenna", in the document.


the only AP AIR-ANT2513 antenna is supported is with MR86 or old MR84


Having said that you can deploy MA-ANT-27 with MR76 or MA-ANT-3-F with MR46E, both are narrow patch, not as narrow as 2513 but might do the Job.

you will have to survey and figure out which option works best for your environment.


there is also an active Meraki community for future reference

hope this helps.

-hope this helps-

Since you mentioned that this is a large warehouse, capacity will not be much of a problem. But, if you're trying to cover an aisle with a single AP at the edge, I recommend you to check the endpoint Tx power & Rx sensitivity also. Depending on your AP count you'll need to aware of the noise floor of the target area as well. Clients at the far-end of the aisle need good SNR. So, it's better if you do an off-site survey first and then proceed to the active (AP-on-a-Stick) survey. 


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