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Hi all, I have a WLC 5508 controller running and I am trying to move the access points off this controller to a 9800-l running ios-xe 16.12.3 When I move an AP from the 5508 to the 9800 it will not join.I have checked the other posts with s...

ivickery by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 3802E running  I wan to upgrade it to AIR-AP3800-K9-ME-8-10-130-0. AP Running Image : Boot Image : Boot Image : Multigigabit Ethernet interfaces1 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces2 802.11 R...

HelloI have only one access point outdoor with 4 antenne omnidirectionnel and near c two GSM antenna ...So throughput is not stable and Always low !!!I want to know what's paramater (s) that allow increase throughput ( débit) .Power level , width Cha...

I would like to get advice on wireless. Help! team,Cisco InformationWLC 5520AP 2802Eversion is cut off in the middle, which is a problem.Cisco case open is also in progress.The case is in progress, but you are welcome to respon...

Cisco 5520 with HA Cisco 2802i   AP is in local mode. User is authenticated using WPA2-PSK   Issues are affecting Windows 10, Windows 7 and macOS (High Sierra) Once the client is not able to pass traffic the only way to recover is fresh aut...

Hi, I need some help, I have configured my ntp server server in my WLC but i jut noticed that the time is not syncronized. I am able to ping the ntp server in my WLC. Appreciate if someone can help me to correct this problem.Thanks,Jong

jong_r0602 by Beginner
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