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Kyle Gatlin

Multiple AIR-LAP11 color cycle issues.

WAP question.

Have a customer with a LAN made up of three 3750s in different locations trunked together. Got a WLC for vlan 130 and ip range .5 is the IP on the WLC.

In one of the locations the WAP stopped working. It would cycle through red/amber/green constantly and quickly. I figured WAP was bad as tech took a working WAP from another location and plugged it in and it was working.

I took them a brand new, boxed, WAP. Exact same problem. They swapped the new but not working WAP for one that was working at a different location. That one works at disabled WAPs location and the non working WAP doesn't work at the working WAP's previous location.

It also cycles through colors very quickly. The ethernet and radio LED will be green momentarily and then turn off or go amber. The WAP will broadcast a radio signal for about 10 seconds before it turns from green to the cycle.

Any ideas before I drive way out there myself?

Justin Kurynny


The red/amber/green is a discovery cycle. The AP is looking for a viable controller and it sounds like it's not finding one. Once the AP finds one and registers, it will store that controller's IP in NVRAM. After that happens, even if you move it to a place where discovery mechanisms don't work, it will still try the stored IP. A new out-of-the-box AP has no previously stored controller values, which is why your new APs are failing.

Your WLC is on VLAN 130. What VLAN is your AP on? If it's not in 130, make sure that the AP has a way to discover the controller (refer to:

In the above document, read about the Layer 3 mechanisms, but ignore Over-the-air-provisioning (OTAP).


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