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Nigel Bowden

NCS - UDI For License


Here's a quick note for anyone trying to license an NCS appliance, as I had quite a few issues understanding exactly what the UDI is that is required for licensing. This resulted in a TAC case & lost time etc., so hopefully this may save you some time if you're searching around with the same issue.

When licensing an NCS appliance, the 2 parameters you need to supply to the Cisco licensing site are the UDI (Unique Device Identifier) and the appliance serial number.

You can find the UDI & serial number by looking on the NCS web GUI under : Administration > License Center, or by doing a 'show udi' on the CLI of the NCS. The issue came (for me) when trying to decide which piece of information is the UDI. I got it wrong and hence had to raise TAC cases etc.

Let's look at the NCS web GUI first. The output for my NCS web GUI showed a UDI value similar to this:

UDI: PRIME-NCS-APL:KQxxyyy  (where KQxxyyy is the serial number of the appliance)

I assumed that the UDI was 'PRIME-NCS-APL:KQxxyyy' and supplied this to the licensing web site. The UDI is actually just the 'PRIME-NCS-APL' portion of the value - this is what needed to be supplied to the licensing site.

Looking at the 'show udi' CLI option, my output looked like this:

ncs/admin# show udi



Serial: KQxxyyy

The UDI value that is required to be supplied to the licensing site is the 'SPID' field, which in this case is again 'PRIME-NCS-APL'

Hopefully, in both cases, the value of the serial number is fairly self-evident

Hope this helps someone out.



Very good document .

Really appreciate you effort to simplify things and explain it    for good of the community .

Its partners like you which help Cisco improve thier product line

Thanks, Nigel.

I was helped.


your quick note is faster than tac about 5min. Thanks


Thank you for the info  helped me out


I just had the opposite experience.   I cut/pasted the SPID and Serial number values from the CLI and my licenses wouldn't load.  The error message was "UDI of file does not match the system".  I opened a TAC case and they re-issued licenses based on the UDI obtained in the GUI that has the format PRIME-NCS-VAPL:hostname:xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Rob Johnson
Cisco Employee

The UDI or VUDI is both the Product ID and Serial Number----

The problem I've seen w/ the licensing website is it transposes characters in the serial number filed from upper case to lower case or visa versa


For NCS/PI virtual appliances do not use the UDI obtained in CLI. Instead using GUI go to Administration/Appliances to get the correct UDI - PRIME-NCS-VAPL - and serial number.

As you indicated, on VIRTUAL SERVERS running NCS the values for serial number + product ID MUST be obtained from the help option in the GUI interface. SHOW UDI using CLI is INCORRECT.


This is really helpful but it seems too late for me. I already inputed the wrong details and changing the information on the license site is showing errors now. would the correct serial number include your device's hostname?

The SN does include the hostname followed by a colon then a string. You may have to contact to re-issue the license. They are very helpful.
Rising star
Rising star

This only applies to Cisco appliances NOT virtual servers. thanks

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