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new to wireless networking - equipment?

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I am relatively new to wireless networking and have a customer site to set up, but I am not sure what equipment I need to make it work properly. Here is the situation:

Building A has roadrunner business connection.

Building B needs access point to connect to Building A (75 yards apart with Swimming Pool Separating A and B)

Customer also wants area around pool and building A to be wireless hotspot for laptop users.

I know I need an access point at Building A and B, but not sure about bridges and what type of external antenna to use to allow for point to point and pool area coverage. Also not sure if another access point is needed altogether for pool area coverage.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



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In building B do you need to provide ethernet clients access to network services from building A ????

If you do then you need to use bridges.

As to how many devices and their placement you will need to do a site survey but the optimum way to so this would be

Bld A BR350(or BR1400) ------radio link---- Bld B BR350(or BR1400)--- Router

Of a second ethernet port of the router have a AP1100 or AP 1200 to provide users inside building B coverage and a second AP to provide users at the pool access

The router is there to prevent broadcast from clients at the pool or building B from tying up reasources of the radio link to building A and to give a point where you can implement layer 3 QoS and security policies You can do this without the router but you have very little control over your traffic and will have a big brodcast doamin. This will depend on the number of users.

There is plenty of other options but this is one of the best although more expensive than others. I recommend you talk to a Cisco reseller or your account team as they will be able to get someone to look at your site and go through the different options with you.

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