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Newbie Seeking - Router Having 2.4MHz Radio Turned OFF - DPC3941T

junkhead ear

Hello All,


I have been hit with an issue I can’t seem to figure out…


My DPC3941T running on Xfinity has consistently been having its 2.4 MHz radio transmitter deactivated in the 3-4am hour the last five nights.  The 5 MHz transmitter continues to work fine but all the 2.4 devices are offline.  

Xfinity support denies any system maintenance or signal ever sent to physically shut-off the 2.4 radio.  I can login and the 2.4 radio is “inactive” with the EDIT button greyed out.  If EDIT is clicked it throws a popup declaring the Admin has switched off the radio.  Only a factory reset,…reactivate router through Xfinity signal…will switch the OFF radio back ON and it works fine until the 3am hour.


Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Thank You in advance.


Hardware Revision:1.0




VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Sorry not familiar with that product but it is obsolete so you should probably be asking Xfinity for a new router.

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