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Office Extend 1810 throughput issues

joshua Slaney


I'm deploying some office extend 1810 access points and having some really poor performance with these out of the box.  I've adjusted the MSS on AP down to 1320 and I've jumped from 2Mbps up to 80Mbps on my tests to  I want to get the best performance out of these access points and would like to correctly configure the MSS values.  These are on a standard ISP 60-100Mbps connection, traversing the internet and are using DTLS encryption back to a 5508 WLC.  The articles I've read indicate you should take the standard 1500 MTU minus the size of the IP, TCP, and GRE headers.  Does anyone know what this value might be for a DTLS encrypted capwap tunnel for an office extend AP? The numbers I'm coming up with are nowhere near the 1320 MSS that seems to be getting me the better performance numbers.

Thank you


BM Hans0n

Did you ever figure this out? I am having a similar problem, I've adjusted TCP MSS to 1250, it has helped for some OEAP 1810's but not all. We are running 3504 WLC on

What speeds are you getting?
The first post actually shows fairly realistic speeds, with 40 Mhz channel width on wireless with one or two-stream clients.

I was getting less that <1Mbps download prior to adjusting TCP MSS to 1250 on the 1810 access points. After adjusting TCP MSS, we only saw about a 50% increase in download, so about 2-3Mbps download, so that improved things a little. However, we ended up updating our Intel drivers to the latest package (20.70.0) and now we are seeing expected download speeds, almost matching the actual ISP connection rate, using 40MHz channel-width. So I believe it was a combination of the TCP MSS value as well as updating the drivers.

Indeed, old Intel drivers have a habit of performing poorly on the Wave2 APs.

Have you tried setting the TCP MSS back up to 1363?
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No I haven't. I will try that tonight when I get home and can connect to my 1810.

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