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Packet Tracer WLC Issues

Level 1
Level 1

Hi All,

I've been trying to practice WLC configuration on packet tracer but for the life of me I cannot get it to work once having completed the initial configuration.

I have tried the WLC-PT (which I can't get into even from the start) and am currently testing with WLC 3504. I have managed to get into it and set the WLC to have IP and the link between it and my switch is a trunk with everything allowed. I also have a router connected to the switch which is trunking VLAN 99 ( via a sub interface and my default VLAN (

When I try to get to the WLC from my PC on VLAN 1 it just times out. I can't ping it from the PC, I can't ping it from the router, nothing.

When looking in Simulation view, interVLAN works fine. The ping from PC1 goes over the access link to the switch, then to the router, at which point an ARP Request leaves the router with an 802.1Q tag of 99 and goes over the trunk from the switch to the WLC. This is where it's a bit weird. At the WLC when the ARP should be sent back to the switch, there is just a blank layer 2 PDU with the below inside:

5. The frame destination MAC address is not in the MAC table. The Wireless LAN Controller floods the frame to all ports in the same VLAN except the receiving port.

Has anyone got any ideas? If you need anymore info then no problem.

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Rich R

For packet tracer questions best to post to and also see

Martin L

Yes, there is issue with PT and wireless controllers; u may need to try different one; we had mentioned similar (if not the same issues).  search this site and CLN as well. also see

attach your PT file here in zip format. 

Regards, ML
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