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Persistent Static IP Addresses on LWAPs?


I have a 5508 WLC running with several locally connected LWAPs (CAP2602E and CAP1602E) that have static IP addresses configured. The connection to the WLC was lost and the APs picked up DHCP addresses. After the connection to the WLC was restored, they kept the DHCP addresses for a while, then eventually reverted to the original static IPs. Is there a way to make the APs retain their static IP addresses and not seek a DHCP address? Would making the APs flex-connect accomplish this?



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Rasika Nayanajith
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That's the typical behavior of a local mode AP. If it lost connection to WLC it will try to discover another WLC. If it can't using normal methods (DNS, Broadcast, etc) it will try to renew IP & see if it discover a WLC to join. (that's why even AP had static IP, it will change to DHCP & try)

Yes, if you convert this to FlexConnect, once AP lost its connection to WLC, AP will go  into a mode called "Standalone" without hunting for an WLC. It will work, but you need to understand differences between these two modes as these mode address specific needs (local mode for standard deployment & FlexConnect for branch deployment).

Refer below for different modes of H-REAP (previous name for FlexConnect)



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Thank you for that information. Do you know if the time it takes for the AP to revert to the original static IP address after the connection to the WLC is restored is configurable?

No, that is not configurable.




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