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Point To Multipoint Wirless Design

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     I have the following scenario: Fout points (A, B, C, D). I have to connect A with C, and A with D; but the problem is that I don't have line of sight between those point, so I have two possibilities:

1) I can configure three point-to-point links: A<->B, B<->C, B<->D. In this case I need six bridges (two for each point-to-point) and one switch in order to connect the three bridges' ethernet ports in the B point. All bridges (BR1300) would work in bridge mode. So, what is sent by the bridge in point A would be received by one of the bridges in point B, that frame would be forwarded to its ethernet port, would arrive to the others bridges' ethernet ports through the switch, and would be retransmited by the others two bridged via wireless to the bridges in point C and D. In this case I could use in each six bridges directional antennas in order to improve the SNR of the wireless link.

   Advantage of this case: 54 Mbps dedicated to each three point-to-point wireless links beacuse each one would work in different channels.

   Disadvantage of this case: I would have to buy 6 bridges and one switch.

2) This is the case I need help from you because I don't know if I can do it and if so, in which mode I would have to configure each bridge/AP. In this case of course I have the same four points (A, B, C and D) and the same positions for each one. But what I want to do is to place one bridge/AP in point A, one in point B, one in point C and one in point D. In point B bridge/AP I would put an omnidirectional antenna and in the other ones a directional antennas. What I want to do is that what is transmited by bridge in point A to bridge in point B, would be repeated by this last bridge to bridges in point C and D. The question is: Can I do this configuration? In this case, what equipments would I need to use in each point (APs or Bridges)? In which mode each one? In this case, the configuration would be point-to-multipoint (point would be the B station and multipoint would be stations A, C and D). What is necessary to know is that I have wired access to LAN in points A, C and D but not in point B. Point B would be used only as a repeater station.

   Advantage of this case: I only would have to buy 4 equipments instead of six and I wouldn't need a switch neither.

   Disadvantage: I would be sharing the 54 Mbps between all three wireless links.

Thanks in advanced.


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