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Prime 3.2.2 Slow Maps

Level 1
Level 1

Hello Cisco WLAN-experts,


 we recently applied the following to our Prime:


Prime Infrastructure 3.2.2 Maintenance Release file name PI_3_2_2-1.0.13.ubf


Now we suffer from Long Response times regarding the map application.

The heat maps take several minutes now to come up with information about the WLAN APs

and the coloured representation of their heatmap.


Has anyone experienced similar after the upgrade ?


How can I check and  bring Prime back to speed ?


Thank You in advance



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Level 1
Level 1
Same problem here.
This is a virtual appliance, 16 processors and 24 GB RAM...
Did you find a solution ?

I don't have this in my environment, then again I don't have many APs ( <200).
Please note, there are also 2 updates out for 3.2.2, you'll find the download here:
Filename: PI_3_2_2_update_02-1.0.8.ubf
Release notes of the patch:
I recommend to install it, for various fixed bugs.

Helle Patoberli,


thank You for Your hints.

We installed that meanwhile but have seen no real improvement.


The new maps are still too slow for daily effective work with it.


Kind regards


I can't reproduce this on my installation. There is a possibility that some tables in the database are corrupt, had such issues in the past. Only a TAC can help in such a case.
How many APs do you have on a single map? My biggest map has ~40 APs and takes 30-60 seconds to load with heatmaps.
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