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Problem to configure an AP CISCO 1231


I have an CISCO 1231, I changed the IOS to put it in LWAPP mode for connnecting it to the controller.

I put the IP address for the controller in: LWAPP AP CONTROLLER IP ADDRESS

The LED's on the AP are alternating green, red and amber, so it try to find the controller.

But I think i must also give the DHCP server to the AP, but I can't finde where to put it??

Or exist an other problem that the AP can't connect to the controller?

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards.

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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Well the ap does need to have an IP address in order to join. You can set a static address but there isn't a command to say where the dhcp server is. What code is on the WLC. For that ap, the WLC can't be running anything newer than 7.0.x.

Post the output of the boot up process from the AP also.

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Not sure of the 1231 but I know the other models when the ap doesn't get a IP address the led flashes a very quick green .. If its in the hunt for a wlc it's flashes a series of different colors.

Since this is an older ap when it was converted did you add the SSC to the wlc ?

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Shao-Yu Chen
Level 1
Level 1

I have converted many 1231G here at school district and deployed them to few schools. Once the APs are showing the Xmas light show then it's ready to discover the controller. Once the AP is connected to a controller, I see an AP0014.xxxx.xxxx displayed under WIRELESS tab. From there I uncheck the STATIC IP check box to make that AP to have DHCP address. I have been using the UpgradeTool to convert autonomous to LWAP.

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