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Question about WLC Failover


Hi Team,

I believe I have the answer, but I just want to double check with any of you.  I have the following scenario

- 3 Locations, each of them with one WLC 4400 running 6.0.188

- I have configured all AP's in H-REAP local switching mode, so that I can have failover functionality working with vlans.  If I loose one WLC, all AP's will join the other 2 WLC's but remain vlan configuration, and all traffic is locally switched.

I'm implementing NAC on each location, and I have only one CAS per location.  Wired NAC is working fine, so it's time to have wireless NAC to work. My NAC deployment is OOB L2.  I saw that the only AP mode supported for OOB solutions is Local or H-REAP central switching.

If I do so, I believe I will loose my failover functionality.  My question is, if I put AP's on each WLC in Local Mode is there any way that in case of a local WLC failover the AP is able to join into other WLC in H-REAP mode?,

Saying it in a different way, if the AP was in local mode on local WLC, it will join as local mode in remote WLC in the event of a local WLC failure?

Thanks for your tips and advises..


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